Upcoming Retreat - Members


The Miraculous Transformations Retreat is an enlightening, inspiring, and immersive experience where we come together in a beautiful location for learning, connection, networking, and renewal!

This unique and memorable annual event takes place over a 3-day weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). It is an ideal opportunity for discovering new concepts, acquiring skills, personal discovery, gaining clarity, self-reflection, relaxation, and forming lasting connections with fellow tribe members from near and far.

THIS TRANSFORMATIVE RETREAT FEATURES: Sacred opening and closing ceremonies, presentations related to spirituality and personal growth, fun getting-to-know-you mixers and evening activities, shared meals, comfortable accommodations, and a chance to unplug from the responsibilities and stress of everyday life.


  • Solstice Celebration Opening Ceremony
  • Guided Meditations
  • Connect with Your Angels & Guides
  • Dancing for Self Expression
  • Morning Yoga For All Skill Levels
  •  Discover Your Life’s Purpose
  • A Musical Journey of The Chakras
  • Create Your Dream Life Using Affirmations
  • Access Your Natural Healing Abilities
  • Psychic Development For All Skill Levels
  • Reflection Journaling
  • Native American Closing Ceremony

Get ready to shed your cocoon.
Your new wings are calling and
metamorphosis awaits you.

Transform into the beautiful butterfly
you are destined to become!