Stacy Zemon Signature Services

Intuitive Readings

During an intuitive reading, you receive clear, specific answers to your questions about relationships, job, career, finances, health, life challenges, and any other matter of importance to you. Information is channeled by Stacy directly from the beings of light on her spiritual support team and is delivered in a positive, heart-centered manner.

Addiction Counseling

Using a psycho-spiritual approach, Stacy helps you replace addictive behaviors with healthy ones, identify the root causes of your compulsion, and develop the tools needed for long-term recovery. Counseling consists of discussions about issues, engaging in brain-changing exercises, and receiving supportive resources that all reinforce having a life of freedom and happiness.

Life Coaching

Life coaching with Stacy provides you with expert support to set and achieve goals, identify and overcome obstacles, and leave worry, fear, and uncertainty behind. If you’re ready to take a quantum leap toward your ideal life, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to make positive changes that lead to greater personal fulfillment and joy.

Success Consulting

Success consulting is exclusively for holistic practitioners and lightworkers who can benefit from assistance with their marketing or business management challenges. If you want to learn highly effective strategies for growing a thriving, profitable, and sustainable enterprise, working with Stacy can help fill your calendar with a steady flow of clients seeking your expertise.

Spiritual Mentoring

Stacy offers spiritual mentoring to those who want to better understand themselves as spiritual beings living in human form. Using a non-religious spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic approach, she’ll help you get connected to your intuition, higher wisdom, and divine guidance to unleash your full potential.

Transformation Club

Stacy created the Transformation Club as a one-stop source for spiritual and personal development. By becoming a member, you’ll get plugged into our vast support ecosystem and high-vibe tribe to further awaken, evolve, transform, and create the life of your dreams. Gaining self-mastery and reaching your full potential can be challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Upcoming Events

Stacy Zemon produces a variety of spirituality and personal growth-related events through her company, Open Lotus Productions. Some take place at physical locations, and others are held virtually on Zoom. Attending them provides excellent opportunities for learning, self-discovery, healing, and connecting with kindred spirits!


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