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September 23-24, 2023



The Life Purpose Discovery Experience is a one-of-a-kind LIVE, immersive, interactive, and transformative workshop that empowers you to discover and ignite your life’s purpose! It takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 23–24, face-to-face in real time on Zoom. You can attend online virtually from anywhere with internet access via a laptop, personal computer (PC), or mobile device.

You’ll be expertly guided through nearly 12 hours of profound and powerful content, including enlightening presentations from illustrious speakers, and come away prepared to unleash your special purpose here on Earth. Humanity needs what you have to offer now more than ever during this unprecedented period of rapid change and spiritual awakening in the world.

Imagine how it would feel to have your life filled with
boundless inspiration, direction, meaning, and joy…

If there’s a deep feeling in your heart that seems to whisper, “It’s time,” then fan the flame within you to release your magnificent potential by attending the Life Purpose Discovery Experience!


If you want to experience a far greater level of awareness, a clear vision of the path ahead, and a plan of action that makes you unstoppable, then NOW is the time to gain the courage and confidence you need to fully stand in your power and create the life you are truly meant to live.


Take a Deep Dive into Your Greatest Passions,

Unlimited Potential, and Higher Calling!

This extraordinary workshop will give you the tools needed to discover and ignite your life’s purpose. You’ll be encouraged to share your thoughts, feelings, and “aha moments” in a sacred space of safety, respect, and support throughout your two-day inner journey.

The Life Purpose Discovery Experience consists of nearly 12 hours of profound and powerful content, including enlightening presentations from illustrious speakers. There are seven 90-minute sessions: four on day one and three on day two. Each session builds on the one that came before it, and there are 15-minute breaks in between each one.



Your incredible discovery adventure starts here! In Session 1, coach Stacy Zemon welcomes everyone and lays the foundation for what the workshop covers, so you can gain an understanding of how all the pieces fit together. She’ll answer your questions, participants will introduce themselves, and there will be a short guided meditation.

Next, Medium and Spiritual Philosopher Rich Braconi presents “Discerning Spiritual vs. Mental Guidance,” in which he explains how both sources of intelligence have their place, but only one is connected to your Higher wisdom. Rich clarifies ways to recognize the differences between the two. This allows you to be in alignment with the more credible Divine voice speaking. Paying attention to it results in more loving experiences and moments of enlightenment, as well as less confusion, suffering, and feeling alone in life.

We conclude with a powerful affirmation spoken aloud together.


  • Awaken to the Divine presence within and prepare for a life filled with far greater meaning, purpose, insight, and direction!
  • Have undergone deep inner healing and are free from negative beliefs, people, and circumstances that block your success!
  • Are able to navigate situations with more guidance, confidence, ease, and peace, knowing who and what supports you in consciously creating your desires!

Session 2 begins with coach Stacy Zemon providing a brief overview of what’s covered in this portion of the workshop and a short guided meditation.

Next, conscious creation expert Dee Wallace presents “The Simple, Extraordinary Formula for Manifestation.” She simplifies everything you think you know about the power of self-creation and exponentially expands on the concepts of The Law of Attraction. Dee explains how to direct energy, claim your desires, and know that you are the power. Spirituality, religion, and brain science teach many of the same principles, and you can easily use them to manifest your ideal life.

After the presentation, Stacy leads a group discovery exercise and discussion to help reveal your personal zones of genius and the meaning of the lifelong clues you’ve been receiving about your life purpose.

We conclude with a powerful affirmation spoken aloud together.


  • How to be the conscious creator of your own life and manifest your desires with ease!
  • The importance of asking the universe for support the same way a lonely alien communicated his desires by saying, “E.T., phone home!”
  • Ways of directing your energy toward what you want (without accidentally creating more of what you don’t want instead)!

Having adequate support is essential for fulfilling your life purpose and magnifying your influence. Session 3 starts with Stacy Zemon providing a brief overview of what’s covered in this portion of the workshop. Then certified master coach Jana Beeman leads a guided meditation and presents “The Inner Work of Success.”

Limiting beliefs and negative programming, as well as ties to toxic people and situations, limit your ability to succeed. Jana explains how to release and transform them to catapult your success, both personally and professionally. This powerful information will forever change the way you handle your thoughts and decisions.

After the presentation, Stacy leads a group discovery exercise and discussion that help you identify external resources that are or may be available to you. These include relationships with both people and organizations that support you.

We conclude with a powerful affirmation spoken aloud together.


  • Plugged in and turned on to the power within you, knowing how to use more of it to benefit your life and others’!
  • Feeling free of old baggage and negative programming, ready to make a positive impact in the world!
  • With a list of inner and outer assets and tools for how to make the most of them to enhance your success!

Session 4 begins with coach Stacy Zemon leading a group discussion about how personal blockages and past emotional or psychological traumas can stand in the way of your happiness and fully realizing your life purpose.

Next, Divine Conduit Serenity Raven-Wolf showers the group with pure Universal love, then guides you through an extraordinary quantum-healing process she created called SoulSync. This gentle, succinct, and profoundly impactful spiritual tool helps you align with a reality timeline where you are already fulfilling your greatest and highest purpose. It also supports the permanent healing of any past wounds or traumas that still affect you today.

Afterward, select group members volunteer to share their remarkable discoveries and paradigm-shifting breakthroughs.

We conclude with a powerful affirmation spoken aloud together.


  • Deep sense of feeling loved by the Universe, healed from past wounds and traumas, and at peace!
  • Lightness in your heart you may not have experienced since childhood, if ever!
  • Clean slate from which you can confidently move forward to fulfill your life purpose!

In Session 5, you affirm your intention to experience, express, and contribute your life purpose in the world by writing a combined mission and vision statement. Doing this provides your conscious and subconscious minds with the instructions they need to produce the results you desire.

Coach Stacy Zemon leads a group discovery exercise that helps you write it using the information and insight you’ve gained about yourself in this workshop. After completion, select participants volunteer to read their statements to the group.

We conclude with a powerful affirmation spoken aloud together.


  • Get crystal clear about your life purpose and who you came to serve during this unprecedented time in history!
  • Become aware of your greatest strengths, skills, and gifts, as well as the people and organizations that most support you!
  • Have a written declaration of your intention from which you will create an action plan!

Session 6 begins with coach Stacy Zemon providing a brief overview of what’s covered in this portion of the workshop.

Next, human behavior and personal development expert Dr. John Demartini presents “Developing Your Intuitive Abilities.” He explains that every individual has an intuitive psychic power inside, but it often remains dormant. Like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it. By developing this ability, you can do extraordinary things in your life, both for yourself and for others.

After the presentation, Stacy leads a group discovery exercise and discussion that help you transform your combined mission and vision statement into a plan of action that makes you unstoppable! This includes the manifestation steps you will take, the resources you will use, and the intuitive insight you will call upon to activate your plan.

We conclude with a powerful affirmation spoken aloud together!


  • Illuminate your unlimited psychic and healing abilities!
  • Know how to consciously direct your energy to put The Law of Attraction into ACTION to fulfill your desires!
  • Have a solid strategy for a life filled with more meaning and purpose, and crystal clarity on how to manifest it!

Congratulations on having a clear vision and action plan for the future! In Session 7, you’ll get to share highlights of what you have gained from this powerful workshop. Coach Stacy Zemon and your peers will also acknowledge the courage you are demonstrating through your commitment to experiencing, expressing, and contributing your life purpose.

Together, we’ll celebrate everyone’s rite of passage into a realm where even more personal awareness, evolution, and transformation are possible.

The Life Purpose Discovery Experience concludes with a sacred closing ceremony that adds fairy dust and rocket fuel to your flight of sharing your unique life mission with the world!

Attending this powerful workshop has allowed you to discover your unique personal mission; know how to live with far greater guidance, direction, clarity, meaning, and joy; ignite how you can best serve humanity; and create the legacy you were born to bestow during this unprecedented time of rapid change and spiritual awakening in the world!


  • Easily tap into your natural psychic and healing abilities for the benefit of yourself and others!
  • Be free from limiting beliefs, negative programming, fears, and blocks that have held you back!
  • Experience healing from past emotional or psychological traumas that have adversely impacted your well-being!
  • Blossom and prosper in alignment with your magnificent potential, deepest passions, and higher calling!
  • Fully experience, express, and contribute your life purpose for a richly rewarding and happy life!


Stacy Zemon

Stacy Zemon will be your guide through the Life Purpose Discovery Experience. She is a life coach, spiritual mentor, intuitive, and energy healer, as well as being a luminary speaker, event producer, and world-bestselling author.

Stacy holds doctorate degrees in divinity and metaphysics, associate degrees in applied science and addiction counseling, and life coaching and ministerial credentials. She is also a graduate of several personal and spiritual growth training programs.

Her background includes working with spiritual luminaries, thought leaders, and change makers—and interviewing others as a radio show host. Stacy has appeared on numerous TV programs, radio shows, and podcasts and has been featured in national publications.


These experts will inform, inspire, and empower you during their enlightening presentations!


Discerning Spiritual
vs. Mental Guidance


The Simple, Extraordinary
Formula for Manifestation


The Inner Work
of Success

Serenity Raven-Wolf


SoulSync Quantum
Healing Process

Dr. John Demartini


Developing Your
Intuitive Abilities


Melissa Tarryk

“This workshop was just what I was praying for to help me gain clarity on why I am here as well as tools to strengthen my inner knowing. It was perfectly aligned and organized, and I got far more than I expected. What an empowering experience!”

– Melissa Tarryk, Fairfax, VT

Mary Duarte

“The direction, suggestions, and feedback I received were extremely helpful and the sessions and presentations built on each other beautifully. Every step of the way, this workshop was excellent. I highly recommend it!”

– Mary Duarte, Casa Grande, AZ

Cheryl P.

“The workshop was very informative and interactive, and the diversity of the speakers brought a wealth of knowledge and perspectives. Stacy’s ability to guide the participants through sessions was top-notch. Attending was worth every penny I spent and more!”

– Cheryl Petersen, Columbus, OH

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Attend the Life Purpose Discovery Experience live 2-day workshop on Saturday & Sunday, September 23-24, for only $299. This includes the accompanying keepsake workbook plus the valuable bonus gifts and special offers (a $1,100 value). Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Venmo. After September 9, the price increases to $399, so register before then to take advantage of the early bird discount and save $100!


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