Reverend Stacy Zemon

Stacy Zemon alchemizes a unique blend of expert skills, intuitive gifts, and spiritual wisdom into providing life-changing guidance for clients around the world.

Her Signature Services include Intuitive Readings, Life Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Addiction Counseling, and Marketing & Business Success Consulting for holistic practitioners and lightworkers.

In addition, she is the founder of the Transformation Club, a producer of mind-body-spirit events, a luminary international speaker, and a world-bestselling author.

Stacy’s life purpose is to assist individuals, holistic practitioners, and lightworkers with their personal, spiritual, and business development during this unprecedented time of rapid change and spiritual awakening on the planet.

Her background includes working with spiritual luminaries, thought leaders, and change makers and interviewing others as a radio host. Stacy has appeared on numerous radio shows, podcasts, and TV programs and has been featured in national publications.

She is also a two-time New England regional Emmy Award-winning associate television producer, and has received awards and recognitions for producing fundraising events for several charities and nonprofit organizations.

Stacy holds a doctorate in metaphysics, a doctorate in divinity, an associate degree in applied science, as well as addiction counseling, life coaching, and ministerial credentials. The school of life has been her greatest teacher.


Contact: or (856) 397-3500